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Learning Support Service

We have been fortunate to work with Sue over a long period of time. Sue is highly knowledgeable, supportive and gets the best from both staff and students. We have been fortunate enough to have received training from Sue as well as individual assessments for specific children. In addition to this Sue has supported our SENCO, led SEN learning walks and worked alongside members of staff to devise creative learning opportunities for specific children and has supported parents. I recommend Sue whole heartedly. She is warm, has high standards, is approachable and practical. Her ideas make a real difference to children, staff and learning.

Mrs Claire McKeown , Head Teacher Whitchurch VA CE Primary School

Chance2Learn Learning Support Service

Chance2learn is a specialist advisory service which provides assessment, support, advice and recommendation of resources for children and young people with specific learning difficulties (SpLD).

My aim is to :

  • support and advice to schools, parents, pupils and other agencies relating to SpLD
  • training and support for mainstream colleagues in adapting teaching and learning to facilitate the most effective interventions
  • specialist assessments for vulnerable pupils, including students with special educational needs with the aim of identifying their strengths and areas for learning development, including, as appropriate:
  • diagnostic and norm-referenced assessments
  • written reports with recommendations, strategies, and resources
  • advice about target setting, in consultation with school staff
  • supporting group /individual skills tuition in literacy and numeracy for pupils at risk of underachieving
  • assistance with monitoring the impact of learning interventions.
  • support for early intervention, prevention and inclusive practice.
  • promoting inclusivity and dyslexia-friendly classrooms
  • support and guidance for SENCos
  • delivery of CPD
  • development of pupil and parent friendly information


Additional Support for schools, pupils and parents

  • Support and advice for class staff working with pupils identified as making below expected progress
  • Assessment and identification for pupils with additional needs
  • Target setting for and evaluation of Group and Individual Education Plans.
  • Targeted support for teaching assistants (TAs) and other staff involved in delivering intervention strategies
  • Support, advice and liaison with schools’ SENCos.
  • Liaison with parents, pupils and other agencies
  • Advice of differentiated materials.
  • Contributions to report writing and attendance at reviews.
  • Contributions to SEN workshops, parental workshops and in-service training for staff.
  • Contributions to professional development and mentoring of teaching assistants (SEN).
  • Provision and information and training for schools and parents with regard to Specific Learning Difficulties and Dyslexia Friendly Classrooms.